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USA School  Tennis -  introduces school children to the lifelong sport of tennis.

USA National Junior Tennis League (NJTL)  -  is a network of community-based, public recreational tennis program  dedicated to introducing as many youngsters as possible to the lifetime sport of tennis.  It also provides them with a safe haven, adult role models, and opportunities to develop positive social skills and to enhance their academic discipline.

USA Team Tennis  -  Offers the opportunity to play on teams in leagues that emphasize fun, fitness and friends.  Teams are organized to match players of similar age and ability.

USA Junior Tournaments  -  For more detail about junior tournaments refer your junior schedule.

Beginner            -  Level 3 - Round Robin format Tournaments

Intermediate      -  Level 2 - Single elimination tournaments, for regional ranking

Advance             -  Level 1 - Single elimination tournaments, for sectional ranking


For more information about USA programs and tournaments, please call Janet Roberts or email at Roberts@eastern.usta.com