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The History of Corporate League Tennis and where the revenue goes...

Corporate League Tennis began 14 years ago in 1991 when a need was seen for a place for companies to play in a competative atmosphere against other companies.  Companies have basketball, softball and volleyball teams, so why not tennis!  Originally the league only had a Spring and Fall season, but due to demand a Summer season was added in 2000.  All seasons have continued to thrive.  In order to understand the growth, in Spring 1998 there were 7 teams participating, in Spring 2005 there are 27 teams competing on 2 levels.  The league will continue to grow and the tennis community will continue to benefit from the revenue it generates.

The USTA/Eastern-Metro Region handed out over $23,000 in grants to local community tennis programs in 2004.  This funding was made possible by the companies that enter the corporate league tennis season after season.  The revenue generated from the entry fees is funneled back to community tennis programs once per year.  A special thank you to all involved companies you know who you are and appreciate your continued support.