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1st Annual Williamsburg Tennis Classic

October 29, 2009 09:56 PM

On October 10-11, the McCarren Tennis Courts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn were the site of the 1st annual Williamsburg Open. There were 64 participants.
The Williamsburg Open was born out of a need from the community to fix the McCarren tennis court in Williamsburg that has seen better days. In it’s hey day there were six hard and six clay courts but they have been hit by hard times. What you have today are six badly damaged hard courts that are heavily used. The mission of the McCarren Park group is to help resurface these overused courts. Sean Hoess is the leader of the McCarren group.  For information please e-mail Sean at info@mccarrentennis.org.

The first day of competition saw the threat of rain in the morning hours but Mother Nature was kind to a cause that was worth its weight in gold. The buzz of the Open was alive and well in Williamsburg. There were many local fans on hand to cheer their local favorites. All work and no play is not the motto in McCarren Park because on Saturday night an all out tennis bash was on hand. Music, dancing, and festivities were the norm! It’s all for a good cause. There was great support and a good amount of money was raised.

Sunday was a sunny day with strong winds and the finalists reached their slots without dropping a game. In the first semifinal match Michael Moshan defeated Meng Ai 6-0, 6-0 and then Arthur Bobko defeated Caitlin Thompson 6-0, 6-0. Michael Moshan lost a total of 6 games to reach the finals and Arthur Bobko lost 14. The score reached 6-6 in the first set of the finals and in the tiebreaker Bobko went up 6-1 with five set points. Moshan came back to draw it to 6-5 yet it wasn’t enough as a Moshan forehand error gave Bobko the first set 7-6. The second set was a hard fought 6-1. The B singles draw was won by Raoul Lucas as he defeated Tom Shaner 6-4, 6-3 in a hotly contested final.

The USTA Eastern Section was on hand to support the event. Jocelyn Cruz, Community Outreach Specialist and Robin Lieberman, Metro Board member as well as Daniela Morena, a local volunteer, were on hand to provide support and to promote the various programs around the Metro region.